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Conquest 2 Player Starter Set Conquest 2 Player Starter Set
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More than six centuries have passed since the Fall changed Eä. Humanity struggles to rebuild after that cataclysm and the Long Winter that followed. With the Hollow Throne empty, the Hundred Kingdoms remain embroiled in internecine warfare, as the Nobility covets the remnants of the Empire, while the Church grinds its teeth at the weakened Orders. With mankind far from the glory and might of its O…
Conquest Abomination Conquest Abomination
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Abominations loom several man heights over the head of even the tallest mortal. Their gore slicked limbs spider out from its bulbous, distended abdomen and thorax. They are instruments of pure mayhem on the battlefield, scuttling forwards and reaping a bloody toll with their scythe like appendages, leaving only bloody ruin behind them. Survivors speak of a keening whine, just on the verge of heari…
Conquest Ardent Kerawegh Conquest Ardent Kerawegh
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Resin miniature with 27 mm plastic base and 1 Card for the Tabletop Game "Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings.
Conquest Biomancer Conquest Biomancer
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To look upon a Biomancer is to look upon Biomancy itself. These are the favored agents of the Directorate, and the full resources of their twisted genius are at their disposal. Everything about them; from their clothing to the menagerie that follows them, even their very bodies, are the direct product of a Biomantic process. Standing six feet tall, their spindly bodies have been adapted to the rig…
Conquest Brute Drones Conquest Brute Drones
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Unlike the elegant Biomantic processes and techniques used in the development of creations like the Marksman Clone, the Brute Drone reflects the callous disregard the Spires have for the suffering of their creations. Selected from the least imperfect of the force grown drones they employ as cannon fodder, the prospective Brutes are carried off and subjected to a ruthlessly efficient testing proces…
Conquest Chapter Mage Conquest Chapter Mage
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To understand magic, one must first grasp that it is Primordial in aspect. Balance remains anathema to it in almost any form. Human mages have long been considered the weakest practitioners of the Art on Eä, their essence associated with Creation as much as Destruction with each of the elements, traditionally associated with Balance, equally represented. Without a serious imbalance, such as that p…
Conquest Dweghom Dragon Slayers Conquest Dweghom Dragon Slayers
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When other factions think of the penultimate heavy infantry, it's the Dragonslayer they have in mind. Sporting the heaviest armour capable of being worn by a mortal creature and wielding glaives that have tasted dragon blood, these warriors are simply unstoppable on the field. Contains: 12x Dragonslayers (2 Command options) 3x Infantry Plastic Stands 12x Bases 2x Command Cards Please note: Miniatu…
Conquest Dwegom Start Playing Conquest Dwegom Start Playing
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The Dweghom are the firstborn children of War and their long history is steeped in warfare and loss. Originally crafted by the dragons as a race of peerless craftsmen, their Ancestors were forged to be the ultimate servitors; hardy, industrious, loyal and dedicated to the creation of beauty. Their lifespans were vastly extended and their memories made deep and enduring so that the secrets of their…
Conquest Dwehom Hold Thanes Conquest Dwehom Hold Thanes
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In a society as militarized as that of the Dweghom, a need arises to distinguish those who are proficient in the art of war, thus capable of calling themselves warriors, from those who are truly gifted. The Thanes are the latter. Individually recognized by their Raegh for valour and prowess on the field of battle, each Thane is armed and equipped with the best weaponry a Hold’s forges can produce.…
Conquest Flame Beserkers Conquest Flame Beserkers
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All Dweghom possess an incredible affinity to the elements of Earth and Fire, a legacy from the struggles their ancestors waged with the Dragons and their creations. While this Gift manifests in a limited fashion amongst most, granting them their outstanding endurance and strength, amongst a limited number the manifestation is much more intense. Among the Clans, these souls are given to the Temper…
Conquest High Clone Executioner Conquest High Clone Executioner
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Ignored and often resented, High Clone Executors provide a critical role that not even the most arrogant of the Lineage Highborn can deny: direct battlefield experience and a core of professional officers to lead the troops. While Biomancers and Pheromancers might turn the soldiers into ravening automata and Lineage Highborn might be unstoppable on the field, it is the High Clone Executors who tim…


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