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Battletome Ogor Mawtribes - Last Chance To Buy Battletome Ogor Mawtribes - Last Chance To Buy
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This battletome contains: – Lore and art that explores the history of the Ogor Mawtribes, and how they battle today – A showcase of beautifully painted miniatures – Painting advice including examples of different skin, rusted blades, gut-plates, clothes, tattoos, ice weapons, banner symbols, fur and more – Allegiance abilities for Ogor Mawtribes, including a table of battle traits, four command tr…
Battletome Ogor Mawtribes 2022 Battletome Ogor Mawtribes 2022
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This book offers all the knowledge and rules you need to command your own Mawpath in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Discover the oft-bellowed history and nomadic culture of the Mawtribes, learn the legends of the greatest warglutts and alfrostuns, and find out how the Era of the Beast has energised the ogors anew. This 104-page hardback book contains: – A glut of fascinating background material…
Ogor Gluttons Ogor Gluttons
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This multi-part plastic set contains 131 components with which to build six Ogors that can be armed with a combination of clubs, blades and iron fists. Options are included for building a Crusher, an Icon Bearer and a Bellower. Supplied with 6 Citadel 40mm Round bases and 6 Citadel 25mm Round bases.
Ogor Mawtribes Bloodpelt Hunter Ogor Mawtribes Bloodpelt Hunter
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This multipart plastic kit builds a Bloodpelt Hunter, a beast-slayer of the Ogor Mawtribes. This miniature is festooned with bestial trophies attesting to his skills as a veteran tracker, from pelts and half-chewed body parts to the reptilian head he uses as a quiver. He goes barefoot to help him sneak around the battlefield, with a pair of antlers strapped to his head as camouflage, until he can…
Ogor Mawtribes Tyrant - Last Chance To Buy Ogor Mawtribes Tyrant - Last Chance To Buy
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This kit is supplied in 14 plastic components and comes with a 50mm round base.
Vanguard Ogor Mawtribes Vanguard Ogor Mawtribes
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If you want nothing more than to devour the Mortal Realms, this box makes an ideal starting point – or an excellent expansion to any existing Ogor collection – and will save you money over buying the kits individually. The box includes a mighty Tyrant to lead your army, along with a selection of durable and hard-hitting Battleline units, plus mounted cavalry and artillery. It’s a full and balanced…


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